Bartow County Jail Expansion - Cartersville, GA

Pond provided full design services (programming/needs assessment, design and construction administration) for this expansion and renovation project. The Bartow County Jail Facility opened in 1992 and was designed to house 300 inmates.

This jail expansion project addresses the increased jail population and will accommodate future growth with the addition of approximately 684 beds and reconfiguration of the existing housing units back to 360 beds resulting in a total bed count of 1044.

The additional housing unit is a 128,330 square foot multi-story configuration. The concept includes two 240-bed levels of housing, split into seven units with shared exercise yards on each level. The housing is a mezzanine configuration with a two-story day room and a control room on the mezzanine level.

Each day room is separated from other day rooms and the exercise yard by sight and sound. Housing configuration includes a mix of 2 and 4 bed cells. The third housing level is a dormitory facility for the work release program. The size as determined by the housing units on the lower floors will allow six day rooms of 32 each for a total of 192 beds, allowing space for shake down, storage, and programs dedicated to the work release program. Each of the three housing levels in this configuration has four isolation cells; at least two of which are padded.

To support the increased population and staff operations, modifications and additions were required in other areas of the facility. These expanded/ renovated areas include laundry, kitchen, 5,330 square feet of medical, visitation area and lobby, sallyport, intake/booking, criminal investigations division and evidence storage. All of these expanded/ renovated areas are being considered in phases so as to not disrupt ongoing operations at the facility.

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