Atlanta BeltLine | Enota Park Stream Restoration - Atlanta, GA

Enota Park is eight acres of space adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail. The park is home to head waters of Proctor Creek, a water course that has garnered much attention in Atlanta in recent years. The northern and largest park of the park is planned to be primarily passive land with a significant forest restoration component, as the property has never been developed, yet is overrun with invasive exotic species. Pond is the lead design and engineering team for the new park and has worked with teaming partners to compile a thorough assessment of all existing trees on site in anticipation of saving and restoring the landscape.

The East tributary includes a 570 LF design of stream restoration with proposed bankfull widths of 8-10 feet and the West tributary includes 300 LF design with bankfull widths of 3.5-4.5 feet. The design includes increasing flood prone area widths, increased sinuosity for the West tributary, adjusting bankfull widths and depths to reference conditions and bank stabilization throughout the meander bends. Working around existing trees, removal of invasive species, live stakings of native willows and plantings of native switch grasses will be utilized to promote bank stabilization and create cooler water temperature for habitat.

The project is slated to be a SITES rated project at the Silver or Gold level. The park will be interconnected with trails, art, green infrastructure BMPs for stormwater management, native landscape restoration, and active recreation, including basketball, playgrounds, interactive water features, and open space for unprogrammed play, performance, and gathering. Services included: environmental design and permitting, landscape architecture, civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, and MEP engineering.

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