API 570 Pipeline Inspection & Repair - Misawa Air Base, Japan

Pond performed an integrity inspection and compliance audit of 27.8 miles of aboveground and underground piping associated with the Defense Fuel Supply Point (DFSP) Hachinohe Terminal, the Hakozaki Fuel Terminal and the transfer pipelines to Misawa Airfield. Pond provided detailed inspection of the pipelines including preparation of single line schematic drawings of the pipe configuration.

Inspection techniques included visual inspection, standard A-Scan UT of accessible aboveground piping as well as Guided-Wave ultrasonic thickness evaluations of key segments of underground piping. In addition, pipe supports, pumps and connections were inspected.

Pond performed calculations of maximum allowable working pressures (MAWP) for each section of piping based upon the field thickness measurements and pipe condition assessments. Inspection and analyses were based upon American Petroleum Institute (API) 570 Piping Inspection Code and the appropriate American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes. Additional engineering assessment of the piping included evaluation of pipe stress due to Zone 4 seismic conditions and parametric transient dynamic surges using computer modeling software.

Pond’s final reports included MAWP for each pipeline segment, the results of the engineering analyses and specific repair and upgrade recommendations for pipe supports, pipe section replacement and pipeline modification to alleviate overstress conditions.

Pond was retained to implement/manage the repair project based upon the recommendations. The construction management included review of submittals, on-site contractor supervision, quality control inspections and final inspection and approval of the completed work.

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