Aircraft Maintenance Hangars Repair - Pittsburgh, PA

The project requires the repair to the exteriors of two existing KC-135 Aircraft hangars to include roofs, insulated metal siding, windows, hangar doors and personnel doors. Exterior repairs also include the repair of exterior stairs, retaining walls, and associated site conditions to meet security standards.

The design established a basis for the construction of the new upward acting fabric hangar doors within a new structural support ‘eyebrow’ across the front of both hangars (Bldg. 301 and 302). To maintain the existing square footage of the facilities and avoid program impacts, the footprint of the support structures was designed within the areas of the hangar door pockets of the current configuration. The façade was designed to meet the aesthetic preferences of the user to have a pitched roofline as opposed to maintaining the existing barrel roof.

The barrel roof sections of the hangars were designed to replace the existing corrugated metal with a standing seam metal roofing material and rigid insulation. The flat portions of the buildings were designed to make use of new EPDM roofing materials and additional insulation as well. The antenna arrays were consolidated onto new antenna mounts located per the direction of the base personnel and roof access was further refined as well.

Exterior walls were designed to receive insulated metal panels throughout with architectural CMU at the lower levels to address adjacent personnel and vehicular traffic. The wall panels are to be fastened to the structure through a series of metal studs and cross bracing which will be fastened to the structural concrete within the building core.

Existing oversized, non-Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) compliant windows were designed to be reduced to 4-foot by 4-foot windows, embedded within the plane of the new exterior insulated metal panels. Interior improvements to the window framing and finish work were detailed to result in a seamless integration within the office and interior spaces.

Exterior site improvements included reconstruction of the existing loading dock with an ADA-accessible personnel ramp, new sidewalks for personnel movement around the facility, replacement stairways, and replacements for the existing retaining walls.

Designed to achieve LEED® meritable status within National Guard Bureau. 

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