Aircraft Apron, Taxiway & Infrastructure Project - Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, OR

Pond provided full engineering and architectural services to complete the base’s mission change from C-130 to KC-135 aircraft. The existing Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant (POL) Facility lacked the required off-loading and loading capacity and did not have a hydrant fueling system, nor did it have the control system or administration building space required. The aircraft parking apron space and taxiway were also deficient and the pavement did not have the structural capacity to support a loaded KC-135 refueler.

The type work required for this project was a combination of new construction, renovation, repair and alteration and included the following:

New AF Standard Type III Hydrant Fueling System

  • Six new hydrant fueling pits and associated “loop” piping distribution system
  • Pumphouse renovation adding three new 600 GPM pumps, piping, and PLC panel and control system
  • Addition of hydrant hose truck test stations
  • Alteration of piping header connection to four 10,000 BBL tanks
  • Alteration of existing filter/separators and addition of two new vessels

POL Fuel Complex

  • New 180 square foot Control Building addition
  • 200 square foot Operations Building addition
  • Pumphouse and equipment canopy additions
  • Utility tie-ins
  • Repair of existing off-loading and loading pumps
  • Alteration of off-loading and loading piping and filter/separator
  • Alteration of truck loading system to connect to new Hydrant System Loop

Airfield Pavements & Apron

  • 32,000 SY of 6-inch PCC overlay of apron
  • 11,000 SY of 6-inch ACC overlay of taxiway
  • Blast deflectors
  • Apron lighting
  • Airfield lighting

Site Civil

  • Site grading and drainage
  • All utilities
  • Concrete containment areas for R-11 parking
  • Alteration of existing oil/water for site
  • DoD Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection assessment and improvements

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