I-10 Widening from US 301 to Branan Field Chaffee Road - Jacksonville, FL

This project involves the widening of 6 miles of I-10 from 4 to 6 lanes, accommodating a future typical section with 8 lanes & possible managed lanes. The project includes the reconstruction of the I-10/US 301 Interchange and 9 bridges in the corridor. Pond Staff has completed the design of four of these bridges including the replacement of dual bridges at I-10 over CSX and two ramp bridges over CSX. Pond Staff is currently designing CR 217 over I-10 and projected future work includes the design of two additional bridges including the widening of existing parallel bridges on I-10 over an abandoned railroad corridor.

The existing bridges at I-10 over the CSX rail yard are five-span parallel 380 ft. long steel girder bridges. The replacement bridges consist of dual 3-span bridges, 321 ft. long and 75 ft. wide. In addition, a new 2-span, 321 ft. long westbound ramp and a new 4-span, 395 ft. long eastbound ramp were designed leading to and emerging from the new intersection at US 301, respectively.

All four bridges over the rail yard were designed using prestressed concrete girders on a 17 degree skew. The two ramp bridges have tapered decks and splayed girders to accommodate the ramp geometry. The design of these bridges was further complicated by criteria requiring minimum clearances be maintained both to the existing railroad tracks and to a double barrel box culvert which runs diagonally through the project site.

The ramp bridges were designed to be constructed first to utilize them as temporary diversion structures during subsequent replacement of the mainline structures. This required the design of temporary critical steel sheet pile walls to allow excavation of a ramp from the west side of the rail yard for access and egress during the replacement of the mainline bridges.

Additional structural design included: Temporary Steel Sheet Pile Walls, Strain Pole Signal Supports, Span and Cantilever Sign Structures, Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts, and a repair procedure was recommended for the Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert under the railroad tracks.

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