New CEO Lorraine Green

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ATLANTA – (07.14.21) – Pond, an ENR Top 80 industry leader in engineering, planning and architecture services, is excited to announce Lorraine Green, PE, as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

Green joined the firm in 2008 as Energy Program Director. Her experience serving private, public, and federal clients had already established her reputation as successful company leader. Equipped with  keen business acumen and a strong understanding of client service, she quickly advanced into higher leadership roles. She was named President in 2018.

As President, Green implemented service strategies and market expansion to position the firm for future growth. Her client-centric approach and emphasis on synergistic operations have become the pillars of Pond’s business model. Her execution of the firm’s mission has propelled Pond’s national presence, now with 20 locations worldwide and a workforce of 550+ professionals.

Pond’s former CEO, Tony Parker, is retiring after more than 32 years with the firm.

“It is an incredible honor to serve as the CEO of Pond. I am so proud of the meaningful growth we’ve made as a company in the past decade and am grateful to Tony Parker and the Board of Directors for their confidence in me to continue that progress,” said Green.

Over the last two years, Parker and Green have worked with the Board of Directors to carefully plan and execute a strategy to ensure a seamless transition. Together, they have put in place executive leadership who reflect Pond’s enduring commitment to their clients and their people.

Green plans to lead a client-focused organization that continues to shape communities to thrive while also striving to achieve a positive global impact. She intends to make Pond future-focused with a broad industry footprint.

One of her key goals centers around the firm’s employees and her wish to foster an organization where Pond employees can spend an entire career – starting as an intern and rising as high as their aspirations will take them.

“I am so very appreciative to those who laid the foundation for Pond as a wonderful place to build a career while providing our clients with best-in-class service and our employees with a positive, supportive workplace culture.” says Green.

About Pond

Pond is a technology-driven full-service engineering, architecture, and planning firm providing design solutions to defense, government, corporate and private clients worldwide. With locations throughout the U.S. and globally, Pond is one of the fastest growing A/E/C firms in the country.

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