At Pond, our industrial construction team merges the science of building construction with the precision of 400+ engineers and architects to create a complete turn-key solution.

This approach provides our clients with a seamless, well-coordinated team that can handle complex renovations, retrofits, repurposing or complete building projects.By having all of this expertise within one company, we are able to seamlessly share information to collaborate on workable solutions more efficiently than a convoluted delivery system of multiple contractors, engineers and architects. Our approach to project delivery is built upon speed and efficiency for our clients. This translates to sensible solutions that save on time and costs without sacrificing quality.

For industrial construction projects, Pond offers a Three-Phase Turn Key Solution:

Estimating, Scheduling, Pre-Construction and Management:

From the moment a project is started at Pond, we have a team of experienced estimators who provide costing data based on real-time pricing information. We utilize data from current projects in the geographic region, as well as our deep network of trade contractors to provide the most current pricing possible.

Our experienced management team has planned, scheduled and completed diverse industrial projects, from pipeline repairs in remote areas around the world, to warehouse renovations and complete process retrofits. Our estimating and scheduling team is integrated on a project throughout the pre-construction phase and across the entire project, updating costs as needed and keeping a critical eye on schedule.

In-House Engineering that Transcends the Standard Warehouse:

Another benefit of Pond is the fact that we bring 50+ years of technical engineering experience in Energy, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Transportation, Corrosion, Infrastructure, Ports, Security and Workforce Development to every project. We have a team of 400+ engineers, architects, planners, and subject matter experts ready to assist with complex issues. These individuals are comprised of Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, Civil, Fueling, Transportation, Transit, Coatings, Environmental, Waterproofing and other engineering specialties. Some of our clients include Lockheed Martin, The US Government, BSNF Railroad, FedEx, Delta Airlines, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Cummings Diesel, etc.

Construction Knowledge and Trusted Partners

The Pond Construction team is a group of highly-skilled, experienced people who excel at building. Their success is due to their intuition with addressing challenges before they morph into problems. We take a proactive approach to communicate with all stakeholders to stay ahead of any potential issues. For the building process, we have a trusted network of pre-vetted masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other critical tradespeople. We have shared histories with these team members, and all have passed our rigorous safety, business, and performance evaluations. All teams are properly credentialed while on site for security purposes.

With the surge in intermodal trade due to the Neopanamax cargo ships arriving across eastern seaboard, and more inland ports being planned across the southern states, the Pond Industrial Construction and Engineering team can help your company develop solutions to keep ahead of the construction curve to manufacture, store and transport more products.