Emergency response is a significant benefit of the Petroleum Maintenance and Repair Program. The primary goal is to maintain mission readiness at every facility.

Pond has established a 24-hour support system that includes a toll free number (1-800-678-8124) for all locations. When a call is made to the hotline, a live person answers and gathers key information related to the outage and the emergency conditions. The information is reviewed and Pond makes a return call to the End User to confirm the call and coordinate the response. Pond’s approach has performed well using these existing methods, meeting the emergency response goals over 3,000 times since the Program began. .

The 24/7 support person is a rotating position shared by Pond’s full-time staff involved in the program. We utilize a smart phone and laptop with wireless capability to exclusively support this program. The support person on call carries a phone/laptop for a week at a time, including all holidays and weekends, providing full access to an array of data including MARS, the end user listing, directory of EAs contracting officials, and all of our subcontractor capabilities and contacts. The MARS system includes information including the required emergency response time defined by the respective EA and the primary response team established for emergency response at each facility under each requirement.