Pond currently holds multiple contracts for performing quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs for DLA-Energy facilities. These contracts span military bases at various locations, CONUS and OCONUS. The Program began with 17 Army bases and has grown to 148 installations across all services.

Pond has utilized a team approach to the maintenance and repair program. We employ a core leadership group responsible for all communications, technical expertise and contract management. However, to succeed in a program this large and geographically diverse, a team of specialty and niche subcontractors is needed. Each partner firm is selected based upon their technical expertise, geographic location, and capacity. Pond is currently teamed with 16 different, experienced, team subcontractors worldwide, to support the program.

In addition to our team of sub-contractors, Pond regularly engages our in-house engineering resources. The depth and breadth of expertise gained from these relationships are second to none.