Any construction company can follow blueprints, it’s what happens next that distinguishes Pond. We believe it is important to trust the team you are working with as well as enjoy the building experience.


As the complexity of a project increases, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by owner and contractor alike. For the owner, the experience, qualifications and early involvement of a contractor become critical predictors of success. Particularly when intense schedules, unknown field conditions or intricate design versus cost equations hang in the balance. Negotiating all the variables and their relative costs is preferable to driving a stake in the ground based on price alone.

As Construction Managers, we work alongside the architect, engineer and owner to optimize project design, schedule and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum price based on design documents that, although typically incomplete, reflect the anticipated scope of the project, ensuring our price meets the client’s expectations. We also competitively bid all trade contracts to ensure the client receives the lowest price from qualified subcontractors. Always a team player, we are known for our skill in fleshing out design to field conditions and our continued focus on solving conflicts proactively and collaboratively rather than merely cutting costs.

Providing dependable performance and exceptional service in our approach, Pond delivers a high-quality, professional and enjoyable experience that keeps our clients returning time and again.

Fueling & Maintenance

Pond performs recurring maintenance and minor repairs on fueling systems, including marine loading arms. With organic capability and a network of experienced subcontractors across the United States and overseas, Pond is available to provide worldwide support. Expeditionary maintenance capability allows for aggressive work that provides effective and cost-efficient maintenance and repairs for government and commercial clients.

General Construction

Pond’s extensive experience in vertical construction includes fire stations, vehicle maintenance facilities, educational spaces and other community-based buildings for both new and renovation work. With Pond’s all-inclusive Architecture and Engineering services, a strong team is assembled for each project that directly responds to the needs of its clients.


Pond can provide a single point of contact for all design and construction services. It’s a great approach for clients who know what they want up front, because it streamlines delivery. It simplifies procurement of design and construction services, offering customers the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact.

Working with Pond

Pond holds several contracts with Federal and DoD clients. Please click here to view the current listing.