Our Public Safety Facilities group brings relevant knowledge leadership, carefully guiding community stakeholders to responsible decision making.

Pond brings project experience in the design of public safety facilities including police, fire, emergency operations, communication/command centers, operations center and training centers. Pond’s thought leaders understand the organizational and political challenges our clients experience related to the process of developing new facilities in the public sector. We combine this experience, expertise and practical judgment to create environments that have clarity and logic to meet your program requirements.

Project Types

  • Police Training Facilities
  • Fire Training Facilities
  • Animal Welfare Facilities
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • 911 Centers
  • Police Headquarters
  • Police Precincts
  • Fire Headquarters
  • Fire Stations
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Material Storage Facilities
  • Detention/Correctional Facilities
  • Municipal Administration Centers
  • Justice Centers