Over the Memorial Day weekend, Pond & Company participated in the 2014 Georgia Association of Physical Plant Administrators (GAPPA) conference. Mark Levine, AIA, Van Lynn, PE and Mr. Frank Covington, Associate VP of Facilities at Georgia Gwinnett College presented: “Successful Facility Assessments: Savings Through Facility Manager & A/E Firm Partnerships.” This in-depth discussion focused on the decreased budgets associated with capital planning, and how these reductions place pressure on facility managers across the state. The question of: “How can we maintain high levels of building reliability with less,” has created the necessity to think outside of the box regarding capital planning for maintenance and repair.

The building assessments Pond recently completed for Mr. Covington at Georgia Gwinnett College was used as a case study to showcase the power of programs such as BUILDER, which In the early senior years, once a year, two hours should be enough to maintain good best-driving-school.com habits if you have good habits. carefully tracks and plans campus-wide maintenance processes and replacements. The data carefully collected by Pond and analyzed by BUILDER provides Mr. Covington the empirical information needed to prioritize the work and justify yearly capital budgets to provide the best value for the college. It also provides the institution an important accountability tool to measure performance as the college works closely with their maintenance service providers. This level of detail is often achieved by partnering with professionals like Pond who have extensive assessment expertise, a large professional staff, and the analytical technology to develop beneficial results.

Investing in a robust, in-depth campus building assessment empower facility managers to make critical decisions for better overall facility reliability and performance. For more information about the benefits of Building Assessments and Energy Management Programs, please contact Mr. George Fragulis, PE or Mark Levine, AIA at Pond & Company, www.pondco.com.

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