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Student Testimonials: Why is Pond the place for students?



“I love working at Pond. The atmosphere of the office and the people I work with are really what make this an exemplary job. There are many talented professionals, and they’re all willing to help me develop in any way they can.” – Leslie, Architecture

“At first glance, the work environment seemed a little more relaxed than what some may expect.  I quickly learned that the atmosphere is conducive to teamwork and camaraderie.  I was quickly absorbed into the team and I enjoy working as a part of a team that communicates well with other disciplines in the engineering field.” – Jorge, Oil & Gas


“The team I get to work with never hesitates to help me solve a problem or teach me the most effective way to get the job  done. The people prioritize teamwork through value-adding exercises that  often combine fun and competition. Interning here gives you the opportunity to strengthen your skillset and envision your career as you grow with the company.” – Claire, Building Systems


“Pond’s steady growth makes it an exciting place to be. It is evident that the company sees potential in the interns they hire, and they demonstrate a level of trust by giving us a major role in real, ongoing projects. They give me the agency to take ownership of my work and make them my own.”  – William, Integrity & Compliance Management

Manager Testimonials: Are you what we are looking for?

Our biggest advocates for our student program are our leaders. Pond’s management recognizes the value of having talented students in the office year-round. Here’s what they are looking for in future interns and co-ops:

  • A willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done
  • A sense of humor and friendly disposition
  • A team mentality
  • An eagerness to maximize your internship experience

“Cultural fit and technical skills are definitely evaluated during the interview process.  We also like to see that students have leadership experience whether it’s from previous employment, fraternity and sorority organizations or in other extracurricular activities.  Students with excellent communication skills are also well sought after given the nature of our business and the importance of communication.” – Joe, Senior Electrical Engineer – Building Systems


“Work experience (hands-on), lab classes, practical knowledge, welding/machining, etc.  I like to look for students who are not afraid of working in extreme conditions.” – Brian, Senior Project Manager – Integrity & Compliance Management


Pond and Beyond!

Pond internships give you an unmistakable advantage if offered full-time employment!

“This program is mutually beneficial for both the student and Pond.  Students with one or more rotations with Pond are incredibly valuable because the strong foundation has already been built.  This allows the established relationship to continue upon their first day of full-time employment.” – Joe, Senior Electrical Engineer – Building Systems


“Our previous interns get a jump ahead of new hires. With project work beginning on day one, the connections built through the internship prepares them to best navigate the industry.” – Jennifer, Mechanical Engineer – Building Systems


“We happily welcome return students.  Pond invests training time and support during the first term to make the student more efficient and productive in subsequent work assignments.” – Brian, Senior Project Manager – Integrity & Compliance Management

What will you learn?

Our internship curriculum is curated to complement university coursework and provide a framework for future application. At Pond, our interns will learn how to:

  • Develop proficiency in AutoCAD and Revit
  • Introduce SKM and AGI
  • Understand how to produce a full set of construction documents
  • Partner with senior and junior level engineers to expand knowledge of design field
  • Apply the basics of design, principals within their specific discipline focus
  • Observe project construction in the field and gain exposure to the construction administration phase of our work
  • Attain additional knowledge of the fundamental theories of engineering, design and construction
  • Leverage effective problem-solving skills
  • Utilize concepts learned in the classroom and gain exposure to our consulting environment
  • Gain experience that will help them successfully complete senior design projects
  • Interact with actual storage and distribution systems
  • Improve ability to interpret and report data

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