Interview Tips

Interview Tips to Help You Land a Career at Pond!

  1. Do your Pond research! It is important to understand not only what the position you are applying for entails, but the clients Pond serves, our culture, and the values we embody. Don’t limit your research to just the homepage of Pond’s website; leverage the other online resources we have available. Pond’s social media channels can give you an opportunity to see our priorities, goals, the communities we assist and the pride we take in our work.
  1. Sell yourself as the solution to our problem. An open position signifies that we have an important need. Thoroughly assess the role and prepare reasons to support how your experience is conducive to the future success of our clients and to Pond.
  1. Tell stories! We want to know about you, your experience, and how you can solve complex issues for our clients. Provide anecdotes and stories to show the bandwidth of your experience. 
  1. Ask insightful questions. An applicant with prepared, detailed questions indicates interest in the role. It helps clarify anything about the position that might be misunderstood and can greatly assist in gauging if Pond is a good fit for you.
  1. Practice! We want you to feel great about your interview! Mock interviews and rehearsals can help you solidify your talking points and reduce any nervous energy that might be conveyed in the interview.
  1. Be early and come prepared. Being early shows that you are respectful of the interviewer’s time. Arriving 10 to 15 minutes is a good general rule to adhere to. Additionally, it is helpful to provide a paper copy of your resume for your interviewer to reference. A concise work portfolio can also enhance your offering as a candidate. 
  1. Be mindful of body language. Understand what nonverbal cues you are signaling in interviews. Smiling, eye contact and good posture are always welcome. 
  1. Craft your story statement. Think of this as your elevator pitch. Develop a concise statement that addresses who you are as a professional, your strengths and your goals. 
  1. Showcase your personality. While accentuating the most optimal version of yourself, remember to be authentic. We are looking for genuine people who can be themselves!

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