Pond initiates four into the AGC Young Leadership Program

Pond is excited to announce the recent initiation of Project Manager John Malutich, Project Manager Jim Mabry, Construction Engineer Rico White and Construction Engineer Alfred Lockhart into the Associated General Contractors of Georgia, Inc. (AGC) Young Leadership Program (YLP).

“The AGC YLP is a prime example of how to expose the construction industry to what Pond can bring to the table as a general contractor or construction manager,” says John Malutich. “This group of leaders is the future of Pond Constructors, and the construction industry as a whole. It is a great opportunity for all involved and a great way to continue promoting the Pond brand.”

The AGC YLP, which was founded in 1996, gives young construction professionals the opportunity to grow and foster leadership skills and techniques, as well as learn more about the AGC organization and network with others within the program.

“I feel that the most importance comes in understanding that it is imperative to the longevity and future success of any organization to foster homegrown young talent,” says Alfred Lockhart.

The AGC YLP is not only a venue for technical and professional growth, it is also heavily involved in community development and charitable giving. Members of the AGC YLP are often leaders of major fundraising initiatives and also offer their construction expertise to organizations and causes that benefit local children, families and veterans.