Designing for tomorrow’s students must support key aspects to 21st century learning.

    Collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving are important drivers requiring spaces that are both flexible and technology rich. Today’s students are more self directed, and often engage in study outside the classroom. At Pond, we also understand the importance of both the academic and social aspects of the collegiate experience and recognize that the experience extends well beyond the classroom, and that often times, it’s the spaces “in-between” are what truly make a campus.

    Pond Education brings a holistic, transparent, and inclusive approach to design, teaming the strengths of all architecture and engineering disciplines under one roof. This value added approach, enables Pond to offer a heightened level of both responsiveness, and coordination. Our diverse portfolio offers expertise in a variety of campus and learning environments, inclusive of academic and research buildings, workforce development training facilities, student unions and dining halls, and sustainable landscapes.

    Our goal, as your trusted advisor, and to bring your vision to reality. We couple leadership in consensus building with practical, technological expertise to bring responsible, enduring, and inspiring design solutions to our educational clientele.